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Conservation is critical for our watery world. Come along as we explore nature, tackle single use plastics, and record invasive species.

Exclusive New Podcast

Water we doing - and how can we do it better?

Hosted by our very own professional biologist Dave Evans, this new podcast discusses water and all its intriguing elements with a plethora of guests. Don't miss it!. 

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Mill Creek Cleanup 2019.jpg

The Aquatic Biosphere Project is teaming up with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup to continue to help keep our waterways cleaner and healthier. If you or your group would like to participate in an upcoming clean-up or want to run one yourselves, please check the blog or follow us on social media for upcoming dates, sign up for the newsletter or contact us directly for more information.

The Minnow

Presenting the exciting outreach vehicle "The Minnow". This converted cargo trailer is a mobile conservation interpretation station. With live aquatic insect displays, and exciting programs, this vehicle is sure to delight and inspire. 

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Screenshot_20190922-104733_Sofar Trident
Invasive Species Research

Using an exciting tool, the Trident ROV named David Atten-drone, we are scouring the waters of Alberta in search of invasive species. Prussian Carp are in our waterways, commonly identified through DNA testing of water samples. But what do they look like? Our mission is to put eyes on this threat.

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