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The Aquatic Biosphere is passionate about education and supporting the development of our youth, students and recent graduates. The Project works with a number of community based internship and engaged learning experiences to offer opportunities of skills development, leadership and work experiences.

MacEwan University


As a Community Partner we have:

  • Supported undergraduate research studies in the Department of Biological Sciences; 

  • With the School of Business we have worked with student groups for project based studies.

  • In conjunction with Riipen, engaged students in experiential learning  in business consulting.

  • With student groups we have engaged specific project talent to develop applications and designs.

University of Alberta


As a community partner we have:

  • Mentored students under the Non-Profit Board Student Internship (NPBI) program.

  • Coached students to actively participate in non-profit Boards for the school term.

  • Mentored by a sitting Board member, the participants are able to see what it's like to be on a Board and provide a presentation at year end.

Volunteer Alberta


As a community partner we have: 


  • Became a partner in the Youth at the Table program, a chance for youth to participate as an active Board Member of a non-profit.

  • Similar to the UofA's program, this one is open to any youth interested in gaining experience in Board work.


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A stream in the forest

Featured Projects:

Truck_Presentation_1-03 10in.png

Water Wheels

MacEwan University: Design Students Organization

This student group created a functional initial design for 'The Minnow', a trailer converted into a mobile exhibit and field station.

Prussian Carp Survey

MacEwan Department of Biological Sciences

Over several summers, 4th Year students interested in field research were given access to the Aquatic Biosphere's underwater drone to support their study of invasive fish species in local waterways. The drone images captured images of suspected goldfish but the program was suspended during the pandemic. We look forward to re-engaging in this study soon to continue the discovery and understand its impact.

drone pic 2019 1200x630.jpg

Marketing Study

MacEwan University School of Business

Students from marketing and organizational business have worked on market research and development as part of their class project assignments. These studies have been used within project presentations to supporters, grants and other funders as part of the market research being done for the Aquatic Biosphere. 

Youth Leadership

University of Alberta NPBI Program

Students join the Aquarium Society Board for the academic year to develop leadership and decision-making skills, to learn how boards operate and get engaged in community affairs. These students are highly engaged and focused, contributing valuable insights and ideas while navigating new experiences. The Society supports a singular project that they focus on during the term, and they are provided opportunities to experience the different roles required on a Board.

Image by javier trueba
Board Meeting

Youth at the Table

By Volunteer Alberta 

Volunteer Alberta and the Aquarium Society of Alberta have partnered together since 2019. The program brings non-profits and youth together to give interested young leaders the experience of sitting on an actual Board of Directors, to learn the roles and responsibilities and to complete a leadership project by the end of the program. The participants are highly motivated and the Society has been pleased to include them at the Board level and mentor them through a variety of projects, according to interests and skills.

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