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NPBI Profiles

Hailey Lothamer



Hailey is a third-year political science student at the University of Alberta. She is especially interested in the politics of the European Union, with a special focus on state politics of Central European nations.


Outside of her academic work, she is very involved with campus clubs and activities, as well as volunteering with the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. Hailey also likes to spend her spare time baking and enjoys exploring local restaurants and cafes around Edmonton. She joined the NPBI program at the University of Alberta in partnership with the Aquarium Society of Alberta as a way to learn more about the non-profit industry through hands-on experiences. In the future, she plans to be involved in the non-profit sector in Canada and enjoys the opportunity to learn first-hand from experts while she is still in school.



She coordinated the Riipen Project with MacEwan University. She also worked with the Griffin consultants to consolidate ten financial sponsors for the Aquatic Biosphere Project. Her job was to organize and provide contact for students to ask questions and connect with the board. Through her project, she was able to be more familiar with different tools, such as risk assessment. 

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