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AR Biosphere

Meet the Team!

UofA ARBio
NAIT PodcastLogo

Capstone: Podcast Logo and Ghost Fishing Animation 

Meet the Team!

Capstone: Aquarium Visualization

Meet the Team!

NAIT AquaVis

Capstone: ABN Logo/Wildfires Podcast Animation

Meet the Team!


DMIT Capstone: Aquatic Biosphere Website Rebuild

Meet the Team!

NAIT DigiMedWebCap Win23

Design Students Organization

About the Project:

This student group created a functional initial design for 'The Minnow', a trailer converted into a mobile exhibit and field station.

macewan design

MacEwan Department of Biological Sciences

About the Project:

Over several summers, 4th Year students interested in field research were given access to the Aquatic Biosphere's underwater drone to support their study of invasive fish species in local waterways. The drone images captured images of suspected goldfish but the program was suspended during the pandemic. We look forward to re-engaging in this study soon to continue the discovery and understand its impact.

drone pic 2019 1200x630.jpg
macewan bioscience

MacEwan University School of Business

About the Project:

Students from marketing and organizational business have worked on market research and development as part of their class project assignments. These studies have been used within project presentations to supporters, grants and other funders as part of the market research being done for the Aquatic Biosphere. 

macewan schoolBusi
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