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From the highest peak to the deepest ocean,
every drop has a story to tell.

Explore local waters this summer with The Minnow

The Explore Water program includes The Minnow, an exciting entry to conservation and education around Alberta's water ways. With learner focused, curricula friendly education programs, The Minnow is sure to delight and inspire. Featuring wrap-around murals of Alberta's water, from the peaks of the Rockies to the prairie wetlands, and lake bottoms. Visitors of all ages will explore their water from a micro scale to a macro scale through live aquatic insect displays, interactive art, and a mobile exhibit that is geared for indoor and outdoor displays. 

Our programs focus on:

  • ​Aquatic Biology

  • ​Wetlands Conservation

  • Botany

  • Water Cycles

  • Live demonstrations and in-class field trips


Start your booking request by clicking the button below. Book The Minnow for your school, community event, or corporate outreach event. If you have an audience interested in exploring our water ecosystems and learning about the life that lives in, on and around them, then this unique exhibit is your missing piece.


If you would like to work with the Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada to support the program, there are opportunities in advertising and sponsorship. Connect with us to learn more.  

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Live Beta Testing Update

Visitors will explore colourful art that brings to life the plants and animals in Alberta’s waterways through the interactive ExploreWater gaming app. The app is in development with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Science (computing) and the Faculty of Business (marketing). This community partnership helps foster foundational green skills for the students in these programs at the University of Alberta. 

The ExploreWater app underwent a successful live beta test with the students at the spring 2024 Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show. Visitors used mobile devices to scan animals on the colourful mural to access fun games and learn more about life in and around Alberta’s waterways. 

Slide through the image gallery below to see The Minnow and its visitors from the Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen's Show.

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