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Follow the Story of Water from Glacier to Ocean and back again. Experience great programs, family friendly attractions, and amazing animals.

Alberta's ultimate Eco-Tourism Attraction

The Aquatic Biosphere’s conservation attraction will be a unique experience for any visitor, near or far. From below-the-surface exhibits to walking through lush gardens, immersive movie theatre and serenity rooms, there will be much to discover, to learn, and to enjoy.


​More than that, you’ll see sustainability innovations, research and systems that can be employed in daily life to reduce environmental footprint impacts on our water systems, you’ll explore hydroponics and aquaculture as food production sources into the future.

Explore what is happening in the world currently and how individuals can – and do – make an impact.

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Early concept courtesy of Reimagine Architects

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will You Be Located?

The Aquatic Biosphere Project is working with the City of Edmonton and surrounding municipalities to secure a location. We have assessed several high profile locations with accessibility to transit, trails, the river, and roads in mind. The location will ensure iconic architecture and community oriented amenities to enhance visitor experience.
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If I Donate, How Will It Help?

Our current campaign aims to raise $5 Million in funding and letters of support. Your donations allow for:
  • Achieving the next milestone in facility design and engineering.
  • Support the sustainable operations strategy, which will include securing full time jobs, and the continued development of our most popular programs. 
  • Help Edmonton tap into the benefits of a Multi-Billion dollar eco-tourism sector, to create skilled jobs and assist local economies.
What About Exhibits?

Exhibits will be carefully designed to encompass the majesty of our aquatic biosphere. This will include live tanks with reef and other biome displays, multimedia, and interactive centres to promote holistic learning. Animal stocks and species will be carefully selected, with no cetaceans or large animals being considered for this facility.
Is there a feasibility study?

Yes, completed in May of 2021 with the Reimagine architecture group - the 123 page study provides an in-depth look at the project and its purpose. It also highlights the multi-billion dollar eco-tourism sector, and the benefits to the community this facility will generate. Contact us for more details. 


Whereas the Public Eco-Tourism facility is focused on immersive experiences and general knowledge, the Education Centre seeks to inspire generations of students and groups to a keen interest in the environment around them.


The learning enjoyment of biological sciences and related STEM subjects is the focus for the Centre. Hands-on learning is engaging, is retained longer by creating an emotional tie to the experience and encouraging curiosity for further learning. When combined with live exhibit experiences, this effect can be even more profound.

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