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The Tale of the Minnow

What is The Minnow?


The Water Trails Project is a community engagement and research facility designed to connect, inspire,  and educate around "The Story of Water."


The first of a fleet of vehicles for outreach and engagement across the prairies. Sponsorship opportunities are available. 

Using a Trident ROV, the vehicle is slated to begin Prussian Carp research in partnership with MacEwan University and National Geographic S.E.E. initiative. Expected to launch September 2021


Trailer #1 is coined 'The Minnow," 

Keep an eye out at your local events!

waterwheels sketch 4.tif
The Purpose of the Minnow: To connect and inspire.

The Minnow is a mobile, renewable-powered education and conservation outreach facility. Available for events around the Capitol Region summer 2021.


This vehicle provides a window to our local ecosystems, and our World of Water. This vehicle will house a live-feed ROV and live aquatic biosphere tanks.


Combined with skilled interpreters to educate, connect and inspire, this interpretation station will inspire, with a message of conservation and understanding of our place in the Story of Water.

Tell me about Programs?

With learner focused, curricula friendly education programs, the Minnow is sure to delight and inspire. Our programs focus on:

  • Aquatic Biology

  • Wetlands Conservation

  • Botany

  • Water Cycles

  • Live demonstrations and in-class field trips

How are you funded?

  • The creation and construction of The Minnow was 85% funded by a generous grant from the Alberta Conservation Association. 

  • Design work was generously provided by the Design Students Organisation at MacEwan University. Thank you DSO.

  • Solar power to support off-grid green energy has been generously provided by Go Power!

  • You?


Space is still available on the trailer exterior to add your logo or ad. Be seen by thousands as we explore the region's aquatic ecosphere, research habitats and organisms with the aid of post-secondary interns, and engage with students and public across the province at public festivals and events.


Connect with us for more details.

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