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The Tale of the Minnow

The Aquatic Biosphere Project has launched The Minnow

Learn more about the Explore Water program, featuring  interactive games, tools, and more:

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The Aquatic Biosphere Project is rolling out a new tool for enhancing education and conservation activities around Alberta's Capital Region


The Minnow is a solar-powered immersive mobile exhibit and field station, which is designed to host interpretive activities or allow visitors to explore ecosystems with interactive games and experiences. A unique offering in the conservation and education space, The Minnow was officially unveiled at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen Show in March, 2024.


Inside The Minnow, visitors can observe local species, like giant water beetles, leeches or water tigers. As a mobile conservation station, The Minnow also contains tools to track invasive species or support lake bottom cleanups. This was made possible by a generous donation from GoPower, who provided equipment to power The Minnow in any location. 

Outside The Minnow, visitors can explore art that brings to life the plants and animals in Alberta’s waterways through the interactive Explore Water gaming app. ​visitors will be able to use their mobile devices to scan animals on the colourful mural, like fish and invasive species to access fun games and learn more about life in and around Alberta’s waterways. The app is developed in partnership with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Science (computing) and the Faculty of Business (marketing). This partnership helps foster foundational green skills for the students in these programs at the University of Alberta.

The early business planning, concept designs and project management was developed in part by students at MacEwan University’s School of Business, and Design Students Organization (DSO). These student collaborations brought forward exceptional cutting-edge concepts to ensure The Minnow meets its objectives: to promote a sense of stewardship for our waterways, to build knowledge, and a wonder of all things.

The Minnow was made possible thanks to grant support from the Alberta Conservation Association and the Edmonton Community Foundation, in addition to the University of Alberta and the Business Higher Education Roundtable. The Minnow also owes thanks to the support of private donations and a brilliant team of volunteers behind the mission.


This innovative conservation station will hit the road this spring, look for more information on the upcoming Explore Water program to book this exciting attraction.

Eco-Friendly Design

The Minnow is Solar Powered! It can be used indoors and out for maximum visitor experience.

Solar power generously provided by GoPower Dometic.

Aquatic Insect Display

The Minnow features four feet of tanks visible from the inside or out that will exhibit locally sampled aquatic insects! Giant water bugs, leaches and Water Tigers are an exciting addition to the conservation and education field station!

Interactive Art

The Minnow features a sweeping wrap-around mural of Alberta's Rocky mountains, wetlands and lake bottoms. Featuring interactive games and fun facts, developed in partnership with the University of Alberta, visitors can explore their waters using an online app!

The Minnow can be booked!

The Minnow features innovative programming and conservation tools that can be displayed at your school or event! Visit for more information. 

If you’d like more information about the Explore Water program, get in touch today.

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