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Considering a charitable donation this fall?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Write your Chapter - help provide the resources to continue developing our award winning programming.

The Aquatic Biosphere Project is focused on bringing to life “The Story of Water.” This story, from the icecaps of the Rockies to the oceans and back again, is intrinsic to all that we are and all that we do; but most importantly: this Story starts right here in Alberta.

Under development since 2014, this story will be displayed in a multi-million dollar attraction in the Alberta capital region. The project will be operating in the incredibly valuable eco-tourism field, which is projected to add millions of dollars in activity for local economies as an iconic new attraction.

The City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta have expressed interest in this project as a skilled jobs creator. A new icon on the prairies, this ambitious “museum of water” will provide opportunities for guests to learn of culture, ecosystems, and industry using modern interactive displays and hands-on discovery. From the Rockies to the oceans and back, imagine the possibilities.

As the project develops through its key milestones over the next five years, consider this note an open invitation to write your chapter in the Story of Water, which will help craft the holistic education and conservation message that this facility will bring to the public.

Large gifts ($100,000+ CAD) will undergo special consideration, but all gifts (over $1000.00 CAD) will feature a story - your connection to water - on our website and other outreach. Tax receipts are available.

This is a small token, as your gift will help us secure resources to continue developing the Story of Water, featured at the award-winning Aquatic Biosphere Project.

We also encourage you to participate through leaving a comment at, or by sending an official letter of support to

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