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Meet David Attin-Drone

It’s time to gear up for summer! Everyone loves getting out their new equipment for the season and we’re no different. What new activities are you getting ready for this year?

Here at the Aquatic Biosphere Project, we have some exciting things planned. As part of our ongoing efforts to establish a conservation aquarium in Alberta, we’re helping to tackle the problem of invasive species in the province. One such nuisance is the Prussian Carp, and we’re breaking out some high-tech gear to take the fight directly to them. Meet our new reconnaissance drone! With this device on our side, Prussian Carp won’t know what hit them!

We’ll be able to thoroughly investigate habitats and monitor the severity of invasion with this new low-impact instrument. This sleek and efficient machine will help us keep our waterways safe from the destruction caused by Prussian Carp. The Aquatic Biosphere Project is busy preparing new things for Alberta this summer, and this drone is just one of them. Watch out for more news and get in contact to find out how you can help.

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