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Volunteer Opportunity

Spring Cleanup Coordinator


March 8, 2021 at 12:17:09 a.m.

Lead our yearly effort in the Capitol City Cleanup

Spring Cleanup Coordinator

If you are unhappy with the winter stockpile of trash that appears each spring and want to help, this is the place for you! A coordinator is needed to take charge of taking out the trash.

As the coordinator you will organise and set up 3-5 garbage cleanup events for the public. Tasks include: selecting the final locations, coordinating supplies pickup, working with the Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Curator to spread the word, being on site on the day of and ensuring the garbage is correctly removed to the appropriate waste sites for processing afterwards.

This will take a few hours of work and phone calls to coordinate each event, and typically 2-4 hours on the day of each event.

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