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Griffins Consulting

Business Team


We partnered with this student consulting team through Riipen as an experiential learning project to analyze strategic marketing opportunities.

Winter 2022 brought forward opportunities to engage experiential learning students once again. Using the platform Riipen, the Aquatic Biosphere Project was lucky to team-up with the enthusiastic Griffins Consulting, part of a MacEwan University School of Business 3rd year consulting class. This group of students came to the table and delivered a terrific analysis of potential sponsors. With the goal to raise 1 million in the next 18 months, the ABP has been on the hunt for sponsors that match our goals and values, and who can help grow interest in this project. Led in collaboration with a Youth at the Table volunteer board member, Hailey Lothamer, Griffins Consulting provided an excellent list of potential sponsors, both big names and interesting regional players that may open the door for a bright future for the project.

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