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Youth at the Table

Kyara Reynoso


Kyara has a major in psychology with a minor in French and an embedded certificate in mental well-being and resilience. She previously worked as a research assistant and served as an exec in school clubs. During her free time, she enjoys watching documentaries and going on walks.

Kyara joined Youth @ the Table to build her leadership skills and learn more about nonprofits as she hopes to work in this sector one day.


Artist: Esther Dimalanta


For her service project with the Aquarium Society of Alberta, she created and designed their yearly calendar. The theme she chose was 'The Story of Water', which comes from her board itself as their mission is to spread this story to promote education, conservation and community. The calendar details The Story of Water as it progresses throughout the year, starting from the Rocky Mountains, traveling to the Caribbean Sea, Antartica and so on until finding its way back to the mountains once again.

Yearly Calendar Preview

The second task she completed for her board was writing their general health practices policy. The same document was also used to outline their Covid-19 procedures. She states in her presentation, " I had no experience writing policies beforehand, but I was curious about it and my board gave me room to learn about it. I presented the general health practices policy at my last board meeting and it got approved! The Covid procedures were reviewed and approved as well."

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