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Community Partnerships Supporting Student Learning & Experiences

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The mission of the Aquarium Society of Alberta is rooted in education and knowledge. Using the exciting Aquatic Biosphere Project, we have been involved in engaging and supporting students through community learning in partnership with schools and post-secondary institutions for over five years now.

These programs set up opportunities for educators to connect with non-profits and local businesses to provide students with real-world problems to work on. Students work on critical-thinking, problem solving, communication, and leadership skills while gaining experience in working with real-life problems for participating organization.

We have had excellent outcomes over the years working with the educators and the students. New perspectives and fresh ideas inevitably are discovered and often incorporated into the Aquatic Biosphere Project's development. You can see an overview of some of the past work done on our Youth Programs page. Past projects have included biology research, business development and marketing, technical development, and graphics design.

In the 2022-23 year we are looking forward working with MacEwan University and University of Alberta, and are in discussion with NorQuest College for a potential work placement in the Winter term in their new IndTech program. Additionally, projects for individual work by students are being placed in platforms like Riipen/Level-Up and Propel.

If you are an educator looking for student engaged projects in your class, please contact us.

If you are a student looking for work placements/internships for some extra experience, find and follow the Aquatic Biosphere Project on Riipen or Propel. Projects are posted as they come available.

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