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Divescapes Conference 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The Aquatic Biosphere Society had the privilege of attending the Alberta Underwater Council's (AUC) DIVESCAPES 2022 Scuba Conference in Edmonton this year. The event took place at the River Cree Resort & Casino and featured Jill Heinerth, National Geographic Explorer, as the keynote speaker.

The bi-annual conference features a variety of speakers, workshops and social events that allow attendees and speakers to connect and share important stories about diving, underwater conservation and exploration.

Not just for scuba divers, the past years have attracted many local, regional and international underwater enthusiasts, local dive shops, dive travel specialists, Dive Charter operations, gear manufacturers, tourism boards, commercial dive schools, environmental groups, and government agencies to name a few. It is an exciting and informative weekend to connect with the underwater world and its exploration and protection.

About the AUC:

The Alberta Underwater Council is the representative non-profit body for underwater sporting activities in the Province of Alberta which endeavours to encourage underwater related sports/activities. Created in 1960, the AUC has benefited from amazing volunteers working hard for their Scuba Council in every decade since, evolving & changing as needed over the past 60 years! They're proud of their accumulative estimate of over 40 tons & counting of debris removed from Alberta's lakes & rivers by Alberta's scuba divers since the early sixties. Since 1960, the AUC has been active in many issues including: divers' right to dive, dive training, dive safety issues, marine ecology, environmental lake cleanups, legislation, conservation and underwater archeology and heritage plus support for Alberta scuba & underwater sports clubs.

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