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Life on the Edge

"Life on the Edge is an educational tower defense game. You play as a cell struggling to survive waves of bacteria and the COVID-19 virus. Protect your cell and build an understanding of cell biology at the same time!"

A new game developed by the LOTE Team at MacEwan University, this survival game of cellular biology will hook you into university level biology lessons.

Lead in part by the Aquatic Biosphere's own Dr. Ross Shaw, MacEwan University professors and students have developed an action packed game of real life at the cellular level, defending the cell from microbial attacks of bacteria and viruses. It is an engagingly playable game with the pressure on as waves of attackers surround the cell and time ticks down. How will it survive? That is up to you to ensure the cell has the right defenses enabled in time.

Based on the fundamentals of cellular structure and biochemical foundations, you will test your knowledge and learn a few new things along the way. Designed to align with first year biology studies, this is an engaging learning game that will support foundational knowledge in this field.

View the CTV News clip from the big announcement: View News

Life On The Edge is found on the STEAM gaming platform. It is free to play. Be sure to leave your comments and reviews on the game site. This is an excellent collaborate of student efforts across multiple disciplines to create an impactful yet engaging tool to extend learning successes. Congratulations to the entire LOTE Team!

And Ross, I clearly need to relearn some of my cellular biology as I am dying quick infectious deaths here!

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