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Ocean Week Canada 2024

The Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada is celebrating Ocean Week Canada!!

An annual national celebration of ocean events, learning, and engagement held during the week of World Ocean Day (June 8th). 

Inspired by all things water the Aquatic Biosphere will be hosting events and initiatives during Ocean Week Canada, including AquaFest (a series of short water-loving films focused on the aquatic environment, inspirational stories, and adventure), and a river-side cleanup.

The story of water is an amazing journey that begins at the Columbia Icefields, from there the water makes its way across the prairies to the oceans and back again, which highlights how all water across the globe is connected.

Our goal is to bring together individuals, organizations, communities, and more to raise awareness about the importance of connecting to and protecting life that exists in, on, and around water. 

Mark your calendars and join us for some exciting events during Ocean Week Canada!

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