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One Family on Earth Day

Updated: May 5

This is a story given by a friend that had to be shared. It is nothing dramatic, nothing that would make the evening news. It is a quiet story about children and the meaningful example they set for the rest of us. Here is the story in Dad's words:

"Today when I came home from work I was asked by my children Mya (9) and Finnley (6) if they could go around our neighbourhood and collect garbage for Earth Day. They explained to me they had learned about this in school and wanted to do their part. We’ll do more actually. We already try and shut off lights when not in use, shut water off when brushing our teeth etc. I try to encourage my children to always do the right thing. So when I was presented with this idea I obliged. I rounded up some old gloves, gave them a garbage bag that my son could fit into and sent them out into the neighborhood. They decided the wooded area behind our house was the spot to target. They collected a full bag of garbage and as you see from the pictures smiled all the way back home when they were done. Proud my little ones are trying to make a difference in the world."

It is a gentle reminder that actions don't have to be big to make a difference. One less bird or animal impacted by human trash in this lovely wooded area in a quiet neighbourhood. Thanks to Mya and Finnley, who decided they could help make an impact.

They did.

Thank you to the Lyons family and to the excellent High Park School in Stony Plain, AB, that is discussing the awareness of our footprints on nature in the classroom.

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