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Youth Video Essays on Global Waters

The 2023 winter school term produced an opportunity for students to come together and create.

High school students from the CTS program at McNally High School in Edmonton were presented with the chance to create video essays with the guidance of two University of Alberta Education students under the Community Service Learning (CSL) program, facilitated by the Aquatic Biosphere Project.

Between McNally CTS teacher Sean Bradley and the ABP education coordinator Sherry Heschuk, an opportunity was created to give these students from both levels to learn. This endeavour would not have happened without the incredible support by these two educators and their passion for education.

Chad Payne and Caden Campbell from the UofA Education program got their first chance to work in a classroom as instructors, the CTS students got to learn about how writing, design and production comes together to make a complete video. In the end two students, Alycia and Shylaya, were able to complete their projects and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you in the compilation below.

A Contest!

Psst! The Aquatic Biosphere Project is developing a video essay contest for Alberta high schools with digital media CTS programs. It is a great way to bring together students from a variety of scholastic interests - creative writing, arts, science, social studies, digital graphics, photo- & video-graphy to name a few, in creating a video essay. More details will be forthcoming in the fall but if you want to be notified of the details, subscribe for updates or visit the contact us page to leave us a message.

The Main Attraction

Add your comments below and let these students know what a great job they did in creating their first comprehensive video production.

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