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One Ocean Film Tour

Aquatic Biosphere Film Festival


The One Ocean Film Tour presented by the Aquatic Biosphere, is a world-class series of ocean-loving films focused on adventure, the aquatic environment, and inspirational stories. This year’s tour features 6 short films including ocean conservation, surfing, diving, exploration, and much much more.

One Ocean has the vision to increase awareness about ocean protection and conservation by sharing films made by people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean and all her glory. This year's seven documentary shorts spotlight the gentle whale shark, salmon fisheries, living coral reefs, and a little bit of radical surfing thrown in for good measure. Join us for a spectacular visual journey through the world's most awesome and endangered environments.

School of Fish For thousands of years, Bristol Bay, Alaska has been home to the most prolific salmon run in the world and a thriving native people living alongside it. As modern-day threats fall on this pristine environment, one family fights to keep their relationship with the salmon alive.

Whale Song Humpback whales sing to communicate with each other. But did you know they sing for fun as well? They pick up each other's best tunes and acclaimed DJ Sam Feldt has transformed these melodies into hit songs for humans!

Ocean Guardians Join "Ohana", a first-time mother humpback whale as she prepares for her journey from Hawaii to the feeding grounds of Alaska with her new calf. The film also celebrates the Pacific Whale Foundation and its 42 years of tireless conservation, education, and advocacy.

Bottom Turn Shot last year on location in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia, this short follows Jake, a surfer with a lifelong and passionate relationship with his ocean playground.

Echoes From the Blue Meadow Motivated by the dream of being a marine biologist, Itzel is the first Mexican researcher to be part of the Gulf Listen international network for acoustic monitoring of cetaceans. With first-class marine photographers and a Grammy-nominated sound engineer, Echoes is an audiovisual experience into the exciting, risky, and flat-out amazing world of marine biology. The Shark With a Thousand Names Rumor has it that some fishermen in Indonesia have a very special relationship with giants of the sea. A team of underwater filmmakers and photographers take their cameras into an almost unknown region to document a newly discovered whale shark population. They get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures and tell a rare story of harmonious coexistence.

Total runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

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