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A New Season of Podcasts

The "Water We Doing?" Podcast has launched Season 2! On Jun 8 - World Oceans Day - the first episode of the season, "The Future of Green is Blue! Water Powered Renewable Energy" was released.

The future of green energy of course involves water. The biggest increases in consistent renewable energy production all involve water. Of course the next issue is how do we store all of this green energy? Well the ocean may hold the answer to this question too.

In this episode you will learn all about Wave Energy from Michael Henriksen, the CEO of Wavepiston. Wavepiston is changing the game when it comes to capturing wave energy and transferring it to electricity.

You'll also learn all about the future of geothermal energy in Canada from Dr. Steve Grasby the President of Geothermal Canada. Canada is one of the only countries with active volcanoes that doesn't produce geothermal energy. Tune in to hear how Dr. Steve is planning on changing that.

Now how can we store all of this green energy? Did someone say batteries? Or even better how about electric vehicles? Dr. Greg Stone the Chief Ocean Scientist from the Metals Company lets us in on the little secret sitting on the ocean floor that may revolutionize the future of electric vehicle batteries.

The Deep Dive extended interviews with each of Michael Hendrickson (Jun 15), Steve Grasby (Jun 22) and Dr, Greg Stone (Jun 29) follow in the following weeks.

Want to know what else is coming this season? Take a listen:

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