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CSL Student Projects Fall 2022 Wrapup

Fall 2022 featured the Aquatic Biosphere Project working with two University of Alberta classes for projects and experience placements.

The EDU 100/300 program featured a team of two, Alex and a fellow student, getting live classroom experiences in delivering two class activities. A class of Grade 7's got some hands-on experimentation with buoyancy and Grade 9's learned about how to source credible and factual information on the internet in preparation for several class debates. Many thanks to the Suzuki Charter School for hosting these students.

The marketing class MARK455 that saw a group of five students write a marketing plan for our Water We Doing? Podcast. They chose to focus on growing the audience of 20-30 year old post-secondary students, and wrote a complete how-to plan that was complete and thorough. Thanks to our students, Annika and 4 other classmates, for their contribution to the Aquatic Biosphere Project.

If you are a business and would like to know more about the Community Service Learning program at the UofA, please visit

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