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Student Leadership Programs

We are delighted to share some news about the people and activities going on with the Aquatic Biosphere Youth Leadership programs. It has been a busy fall season with some outstanding participants. Winter session is being planned now.

If you are a student and have an interest in participating in class projects or capstone projects, share this post with your Professor or Instructor to learn more.

University of Alberta students through Community Service-Learning (CSL) have the opportunity to further develop their educational skills within a specific course by connecting and working with the Edmonton community

By completing a class project with an Edmonton matched organization they tackle real life problems and solutions as part of their degree which counts for marks.

U of A's Community Service-Learning (CSL) - Education 100/300

This project is composed of two Education students from U of A’s 100 & 300 class. Both students are supplying their time to the organisation to help get class participants excited and engaged in the space of water and aquatic ecosystem biodiversity. Education and knowledge is core to the mission statement of the project, for all ages whether in school or within the general public. Outreach by in-class field trips and participation in public events are the current activities underway while the facility continues its development in design and funding. The students will be trained to lead in-class field trips at local schools or at designated locations such as local parks or wetlands. These are generally 1.5 or half-day sessions that include hands-on activities of either ecosystem discovery or in-class projects.

U of A's Community Service-Learning (CSL) - Marketing 455

Consisting of a group of six students from U of A's Marketing 455 class. This group of students will be responsible for the Water We Doing Podcast Marketing Plan. Students will be creating a living document that will form the basis of the marketing efforts for the podcast, and ultimately the outreach for the attraction itself.

The student’s role is to create a marketing plan for the podcast that will identify the target market, explore methods for revenue generation, devise a marketing pathway to increased engaged audiences, and create a plan for advertising placements for increased revenue generation.

The Water We Doing Podcast explores stories and experiences that feature water. A science based platform, it is now in its second season and is available on most podcasting platforms.

Riipen is a third-party organisation that supports a variety of businesses by matching them with students for independent work experience.

Level UP Remote Internship Program (Riipen) - Paige

Paige is a third-year undergraduate student studying medical sciences at the University of Western Ontario in the honours specialization in epidemiology and biostatistics module. In her free time, Paige enjoys long-distance running and writing. The "Water We Doing" podcast allowed Paige to utilize her experience in content creation and writing while learning about the environment and preventative measures that can be taken to ensure the planet's future. In addition, Paige enjoyed the experience of scriptwriting and working on a project that will shed light on the importance of considering endangered species when humans participate in daily activities.

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