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IndigiTECH Mentorship Program

For the second term in a row, the Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada will be collaborating with the Indigenous Friends Association (IFA) for their IndigiTECH program.

An Indigenous-led tech not-for-profit organization designed to create, engage & renovate digital technologies through ethical and communal values. IndigiTECH is a unique program that aims to support the growth and exploration of remote technical skill pathways for Indigenous individuals to connect with meaningful internship experiences and career opportunities.

Alejandro Mayoral Banos, Founder of IFA, said, “The IndigiTECH Mentorship Program has not only provided participants with valuable tech education but also a sense of community and connection through Indigenous pedagogies and practices. It is a program that truly supports the holistic well-being and career development of Indigenous individuals.”

One individual will be joining our organization as an intern where they will receive ongoing support and mentorship over a 12-week period. During this time they will put their newly learned skills to use and expand on previous skills within an active workspace. The program introduces participants to selected areas of interest within:

  • Business & Marketing

  • UX Design

  • Web Programming Fundamentals/Web Development

  • Communication & Client Care

Our first participant was keen to build on skills in graphic design and social media content. Her work can be seen in videos and posts regarding specialty day celebrations over the summer in our social media feeds.

We are excited to see what the next IndigiTECH graduate will do.

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