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Fall 2023 NPBI Student Intern

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

The Aquatic Biosphere Project is excited to once again collaborate with the University of Alberta's Non-Profit Board Internship (NPBI) program to host a student intern.

The program encourages youth engagement initiatives that place youth participants, who are interested in Alberta’s nonprofit sector, with a non-profit board, such as ours, within their community.

Interns within the NPBI program undergo training through a series of workshops, that explore key aspects of non-profit boards. They then have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills by attending and participating in board meetings. Over the next six months, will be working closely with our student intern who will design and complete a final project under the guidance of their mentor.

Meet Valencia, our new 2023-2024 NPBI Intern:

Valencia is a 4th Year Criminology student at the University of Alberta, finishing certificates in community service learning, international learning, and social research. She joined the Non-Proft Board Internship program as a part of her involvement with community service learning. She wants to learn more about governance and hence she opted for the program. She chose the Aquatic Biosphere Society because she loves wildlife and is very motivated to contribute to it. She likes to play video games and watch anime in her free time. She loves making 3D models and digital art. A fun fact about her is that she can speak more than 3 languages!

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