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Release the Minnow: Exciting action at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show

Updated: Apr 1

The Minnow was officially unveiled on March 14, 2024. Students from the University of Alberta Computer Science and Marketing teams were on hand to beta test the interactive art.

The Minnow was initially designed based on mobile aquarium exhibits and the need for a field station to support conservation activities. From the initial sketches in 2018, directors at the Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada leveraged student knowledge at MacEwan University to design and develop the initial project scope.

The initial designs, while fun and functional, took on a new look through the hard work and collaboration of the volunteers at the Aquatic Biosphere Project. Innovative elements were added, such as a show-stopping interactive mural, fish tanks for aquatic insects, and a platform for invasive species research. The Minnow truly is an impressive conservation and education field station.

Over the course of the project, funding was received through the Alberta Conservation Association, and the Edmonton Community Foundation. Solar power was provided by GoPower.

The project also led to terrific community learning partnerships. Explore Water, the new program website with a booking feature for The Minnow is under development with students from NAIT, while the interactive app, which was beta tested at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show, was developed by passionate computer science students at the University of Alberta. These partnerships help foster skills for students in green technology, conservation, and education to help pursue lucrative and exciting career paths in their fields.

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