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Water for Peace - Reflecting on World Water Day 2024

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution in December 1992 by which March 22 was declared World Water Day under Agenda 21.

The Aquatic Biosphere Project observes World Water Day, as the day is intended to reflect water conservation, safe supply and scarcity. A few fun facts: Alberta is flush with water, with 80% of the provinces water in the north. However, according to Facts About Water, a handy Government of Alberta document full of great water facts, 80% of the demand is in the south. Adding to the musings on Alberta's water, is the fact that potable ground water exists within 150 meters of the surface, underground.

There are other fun facts, I tried to express Alberta's river basins by their outflow destinations - the Arctic Ocean, Hudson's Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico, in an effort to illustrate our water in a global context. Water connects the planet. Alberta is by extension, connected to the planet.

While researching this topic, and reflecting on Water for Peace, I naturally mused about borders and conflict. Alberta's water crosses borders. People fight over it. It can be dirtied and poisoned, filled with nature that eats or gets eaten, it rushes past borders and meanders through muddy canals. It's used to was the grime of conflict and deliver new life.

This water, that starts here in Alberta has a grand story to tell - a dramatic story. It is a story to be understood and respected, and cherished, as humanity has proven to have a penchant for exploration, and unfortunately this includes the limits of our finite resource. Observing World Water Day is an opportunity to reflect on this. Alberta's water; It comes in peace.

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