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Water We Doing? Podcast Award Winner!

The 5th Annual Canadian Podcast Awards have now announced the winners

The Aquatic Biosphere Project’s Water We Doing? podcast series was nominated for the Outstanding Branded Series Award. This award celebrates exceptional audio production across any format created by or for brands with the aim of sharing brand values or promoting brand affinity.

On November 4th, 2022 The 5th Annual Canadian Podcast Awards announced this year's winners in all categories. We are SO EXCITED to reveal that we are the winners of the 2022 Outstanding Branded Series award from The Canadian Podcast Awards!

Thank you so much to all our listeners and supporters and to all of the other Canadian Podcasters out there. Also, a huge thank you to the Aquatic Biosphere Project team for all of the support. As the official podcast for the Aquatic Biosphere Project, we are so excited to support the creation of a water conservation and education centre in Alberta, Canada.

" So excited that the podcast that I created and host has won a Canadian podcasting award! Thanks so much to everyone who has given it a listen and followed the journey so far! It’s been a lot of work but also so much fun working on this over the last couple years.

Who would have thought a vivid lockdown project would evolve into this? "

- David Evans

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