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We've Changed!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

If you are a follower and supporter of this project you may have noticed a recent change: our name.

When we began this odyssey to create something new for Alberta the vision was simply the creation of an aquarium attraction for Edmonton.

It became so much more.

Talking with hundreds of people over the past few years, it became clear that a traditional aquarium was not what was needed; what we needed here was something far richer. It became the Aquatic Biosphere Project, with a deeper scope of connections and understanding to water and aquatic biodiversity. It became a focus of knowledge, public education, conservation and research via storytelling and immersive experiences.

It became the Story of Water.

And so the outdated name of our Society changed from the Aquarium Society of Alberta to the Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada, weaving the freshwaters and three ocean fronts together within this Story of Water.

We invite you to add to this Story, to add your chapter, as we move forward in creating this space. How? Write a note of support so funders can understand the need, become a donor or sponsor, volunteer your time and expertise to the Board, committees, outreach or events.

The Story of Water is in all of us - you can add to it, write your chapter. It starts here.

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