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Fall 2023 Student Projects Wrap-Up

Updated: Mar 9

The fall of 2023 wrapped up with a full slate of projects across three schools. It was a busy term for marketing, computer science and graphic design students. Many thanks to the schools for continuing to invite us in with our long list of projects. We are grateful to the instructors leading the classes for their engagement and guidance in supporting the students.

Highlights of Fall 2023:

  • MacEwan University ORGA 410 Consulting

    • This group produced a market evaluation and launch plan for the Society's membership program to be launched in summer 2024

    • Many thanks to the team of Dacia Akimana, Rutvi Bhadiyadra, Adam Ruston, Alex Strachan, and Anna Voyatzis.

  • University of Alberta CMPUT401 Software Process & Product Management (2nd term)

    • A new team continued work on a games app development for our upcoming Explore Water program. Winter 2024 term and third team will complete the prototype spring 2024.

    • Thanks to Daniel Asimiakwini, Georgin Maliakal, Tony Shi, Jiemin Wang, and Ahmed Zihan Hossain for all their hard work getting this game framed and creating the backend building blocks.

  • University of Alberta MARK455/655 Sustainability and Responsible Marketing

    • This student group did an audience/market study that will be a part of funding and sponsorship presentations in 2024

    • A big thank your to Alexis Dodd, Eric Hauser, Rylan Monaghan and Gwenaelle Roelandt for the hard work done on this analysis.

  • NAIT Digital Media & IT Capstone Project (2nd term)

    • This capstone team continued from where the first term group left off, expanding the features and services of the new Aquatic Biosphere website coming in spring 2024. Picking up an in-design project where another group left off is not easy but this team handled it well.

    • Kudos to the Business Analysts Tristan Laplante and Marissa Werbiski. Developers Michael Armenta, Kent Chen, Sydney Engblom, Jacob Khaner, Rebecca Nguyen, <anon> and Zeyu Zhao.

Community Learning works because all three parts come together: instructors keen to guide, students keen to try their skills in real world situations, and clients/partners who have problems to solve and are willing to mentor students through the process. All have something to learn and all have something to gain. It has been our good fortune to have worked with a number of student groups and their work always gets used in some way as a building block to the creation of the Aquatic Biosphere Project. They should be proud of that because we sure are!

Be sure to watch for the spring updates of the projects from the upcoming winter 2024 term.

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