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Youth Club Meeting

Youth at the Table

Anita Sayaphet


For the last six months, Anita has been delving into the world of non-profit governance with the Aquarium Society of Alberta. She is a youth participant with the program Youth at the Table with Volunteer Alberta.


Her goals from the beginning of the program were to learn all about how non-profit societies function, the laws and regulations that govern them, and how to create the important documents and paperwork required to maintain them. She has been learning and observing the board of directors, and working closely with Paula, and her mentor Arie to ensure she stays the course and makes it to the finish line. "It has been an incredible experience so far", she says. "I've learned so much about myself and what it takes to be a board director. It honestly takes a lot of fortitude and endurance in my opinion. Qualities I am still working on."

While juggling school, work, and a home business, Anita has grown to appreciate this important work of being "at the table", but she is not sure if she is ready to be part of one just yet. Thankfully, this experience has shown her what it takes, and perhaps she will be ready one day in the near future.

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