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UofA Education Class Participation

This winter 2023 term saw the Aquatic Biosphere Society take on four University of Alberta education students in the Community Service Learning (CSL) program of EDU100/300. This is a course that education students can take that requires 20 hours of education in the field. As a CSL partner, the Society supports the program by setting the students up and mentoring their 20 hours over the term.

This winter we have seen the students participate in the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention (GETCA), and deliver programming they developed into classrooms. Chloe and Ashley were at the teacher's convention booth for some excellent conversations with educators that stopped by the table. They also recently completed leading their first class through a science presentation on rocks to Grade 7's at Rudolf Hennig Jr High in Fort Saskatchewan as part of the Planet Earth Unit. Many thanks to V.P. Cherum Orr to enthusiastically supporting the project, and Scott Knapp for making their first teaching experience a positive one.

In the second team, Chad and Caden have been placed in McNally High School, taking a group of CTS IT Design students through creating a short video essay. At the time of this writing, this is still in progress and we are excited to see what these high school students come up with. Thanks to Sean Bradley, Head of the CTS Department for taking on this team and uncommon project. We'll follow up in April at the end of this program with the highlights.

This is a post-secondary program we cannot support without the assistance of local schools to place these students in. If your school would be interested in being a part of this initiative, contact or send us a message here. If you are a teacher looking to assist with projects like this and other mentoring opportunities outside of school, please contact us through either link above.

The Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada is committed to supporting education, programming and helping to develop educators as part of our mission within the larger project. The need and willingness to protect nature and this planet begins from knowledge and understanding.

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