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The Biosphere in Augmented Reality

Updated: May 2, 2023

Screen capture of the title page of the project

The University of Alberta CMPUT 401 class of winter 2023 has completed their phase of an augmented reality (AR) project for the Aquatic Biosphere Society. The students of this class were matched up in teams to take on various clients to develop tools and applications for a variety of needs. The team of coders that took on our idea created a first stage concept for an AR app experience that the Society has been considering for some time.

In the midst of a busy term of classes, the team of Mohammad Hammad, Raunak Agarwal, Yui Han, Vaibhav Chugh, Huy Ta and Kevin Sha pulled together to develop a basic prototype of the concept, laying foundations for next phases. Their creativity in design and implementation was fed by an enthusiasm for the idea. It was a large learning curve, requiring them to learn new languages and platforms, while sourcing assets, and managing deliverable timelines. It was also a learning curve for the Society as we learned more about AR development, tools and process.

A screen shot showing several of the mobile interfaces designed.

Thanks to Ildar Akhmetov, Dept of Computing Science, for taking our project on for his students. The final PechaKucha presentation was an interesting structure for the students to present with and this group rose to the challenge. Many thanks to Yui, Vaibhav, Huy, Kevin, Raunak and Mohammad for their hard work and sense of humour. They came together as a team and gave the Society a structural prototype we can use to build on.

The next steps for this project will continue in the fall with a new group taking on the next stage. Questions from investor and sponsor interests to support this development can be directed here.

This project was completed as part of the University's Community Service Learning (CSL) program of which we are proud to be a community partner. Students get to work on real world problems presented by community partners, and the partners get plans, projects, and ideas from engaged and creative student groups. For more information on becoming a CSL partner, visit

A picture of the AR Biosphere student team.
Thank you AR Biosphere Team!

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