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The Power of Animation

Take a beautiful logo image (okay we're little biased but that's allowed), ...

design a storyboard to lay out the transformation, ...

to a beautiful short story about water and life.

The power of animation.

This past winter term, the Aquatic Biosphere worked with a team of animators from a NAIT capstone class to create a myriad of small and larger projects. This logo transformation was one of three logo projects, along with numerous animations for the Water We Doing? Podcast episodes.

Oh dear, that was supposed to be a surprise. Well, yes, the podcast episodes are being turned into videos and we are excited to get them completed!

An even bigger project was also begun, but it will take another term to see it completed. We are so, SO excited about this one: a concept design for the Aquatic Biosphere eco-tourism attraction! Don't even want to share any images here because people will get too excited.

A non-descript image of a wall and shrubs.
Part of a wall.

Okay, maybe one small one.

Over the next few months you will be seeing animated content showing up and it all belongs to the creativity and skills of this group.

Meet the talented team of:

Alexander Mazeppa Brayden J Corbeil

Cameron Pellerin Cao Gia Bao Tran

Daniel Rascon Chacon DJ Lucero

Igor Adamenko Jenna Keddie

Jennielyn Ramirez Josephine Badadiong

Justine McKeever Katareena Sevenson

Lauralee Noskiye-Auger Luke Hardy

Miko Yuen Mitchell Knudsen

Nathan J Pockett Noah Oleksyn

Parbeen Kaur Raynne Renconek

Robert A Garcia Stefan J Carollo

Vic M Kesenheimer

This group worked hard across a multitude of projects, often working across several projects. simultaneously. Many thanks to the instructional team at NAIT in IT and Media Design for bringing us in as a client for this class. Can't wait to see what the next group does!

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