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Volunteer Opportunity

Minnow Outreach Trailer Technicians


March 8, 2021 at 12:16:59 a.m.

Calling solar, plumbing, and painting experts! Help bring the amazing Minnow to completion

Minnow Outreach Trailer Technicians

The Minnow is nearly set to roll. This conservation outreach and research vehicle is the culmination of hundreds of volunteer hours. We are nearly 'fin'-ished! We need you, if you are a painter, keen with solar power systems, or knowledgeable with plumbing to help with the last few items. Each role will require 5-10 hours, but these systems will likely be able to be hooked up in less time.

Short role descriptions:
1. Solar Systems technician - hookup and test solar power unit, lighting, and display life support system
2. Plumbing technician - hookup and test the water display system (fresh water only)
3. Painters - assist with final touch-ups and interior design for this mobile museum display.

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