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Join Something Remarkable

Are you looking to become involved in something meaningful, with direct impacts to your community and will have a lasting legacy? Consider volunteering with the Aquatic Biosphere Society.

This is a large project that needs many hands, and yours are needed. Take a look at the opportunities available, send us your message and contact information. Then we'll get back to you to discuss further and answer your questions.

Join the Board of Directors

The Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada (831481387RR0001) is expanding its Board of Directors. If you are really interested in the project, have professional skills and/or insights in creating legacy projects, or are passionately interested in being a part of the building and creation of this exceptional facility, this may be the spot for you.

The Board meets once a month, for two hours in the evening, generally via video conference. Online workspace for ongoing project management communications is enabled. This is currently a working board, with volunteer commitments of 4-10 hrs/week on average. Some fluctuations of time around major events.

If you are interested to learn more, please reach out to us via the contact form, attention Board of Directors.

Join a Committee

Committees are the heart of action for the Aquatic Biosphere Project, and participation here has lasting impacts on the development of the project.

There are a number of committees underway and some that are just being created. We are looking for folks who like to organise, plan and get things done within a variety of committees.

Committees include:

  • Education

  • Conservation

  • Governance

  • Capital Campaign

  • Grants & Funding

  • Business Development

  • Special Events

  • Volunteer Engagement

  • Community Alliances Development

  • IT/Digital Storytelling Development

If any of these sound like something you'd be interested in getting involved in, then send us a message via the contact form, attention Volunteer Committee and let us know which committee you'd be interested in.

Small Projects, Events and Administration

If an ongoing commitment is not what you're interested but you can help out from time to time with small projects, events or administrative tasks, we would love to add you to our on call list. You would be enrolled in our online workspace and tasks would be posted for you to review and accept if you are interested. If this sounds like you, then send us a message via the contact form, attention Volunteer Committee and let us know that occasional volunteering is what you're interested in.

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