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Edmonton Teacher's Convention 2023

2023 has seen the return of in-person teacher conventions and the Aquatic Biosphere Project was back at the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association, or GETCA. Over two days the booth connected with both teachers and local nature and environmental associations to have fulsome conversations about water, aquatic biodiversity and expanded opportunities for student engagement in these areas.

Two frequent topics of conversation this year were about getting students outside and exploring local natural spaces, and how to create term-long engagement projects in hydro/aquaponics, utilizing salvaged and scavenged equipment for students to engineer and build. Food security and local/urban agriculture is a topic of urgency in many places, thus this is a relevant and learning rich opportunity for students.

If you were one of these teachers, you are not alone. If you did not leave your contact information at the booth, please reach out to us here and let's chat about how we can best assist.

The Society was pleased to have two students, Chloe and Ashley, from the Education Program at the University of Alberta join us at the booth. It was their first exposure to a teacher's conference and they had some excellent conversations with educators at the booth who were highly supportive and engaging with them. To those individuals, thank you.

If you are with a school who would be willing to have Education Students visit your classroom or school to deliver an outreach program to your students, please connect with us. We will be looking to place students in two or three classrooms come Fall 2023 and again in Winer 2024. We work with 100/300 level students, placing them into their first classroom experience. Send us a message with your contact information and we will connect with more information.

Thanks to (L-->R) Paula, Chloe, Ashley and Sherry for their help at this year's booth!

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