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Water We Doing? Getting a Marketing Plan!

Updated: May 2, 2023

The Water We Doing? Podcast got a helping hand this from the University of Alberta's Sustainable Marketing MARK455 class this winter term. Building on the plan started in the fall term by another MARK455 team, this group created and presented a fully rounded marketing plan to attract sponsorship support to this award winning podcast.

Image of the sponsorship booklet cover

The result lays out the directions for gathering advertisers and sponsors to help build and expand a funding stream to support the continued development of this content. Their plan is well thought out and professionally put together. The team at the Aquatic Biosphere is preparing to implement the tools and ideas starting this spring.

Many thanks to Amber Cleasby, Austin Hillard, Desirae Hosack, Annabelle Mannard, & Patrick Ocampo. This is a team that came together and worked hard. They were professional, thoughtful and detailed in their approach and in the finished product. We are grateful to have had this group working on our podcast, and to Dr. Web Dussome, Faculty of Business, thank you for allowing us to continue to participate as a community partner. We have enjoyed the process and have been impressed with the quality of skills coming from these classes.

This project was completed as part of the University's Community Service Learning (CSL) program of which we are proud to be a community partner. Students get to work on real world problems presented by community partners, and the partners get plans, projects, and ideas from engaged and creative student groups. For more information on becoming a CSL partner, visit

Group picture of the marketing team
Thank You Team!

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