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NAIT Students Designing a New Digital Media Home for the Aquatic Biosphere

Updated: May 2, 2023

Thanks to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), and a capstone group project in IT and Digital Media, the Aquatic Biosphere will be getting a new digital home. Under the guidance of Steve Chattaroon, Chair of Digital Media & IT, a group of programmers, designers and a business analyst came together under their self-titled Aquidian Group for four months this winter term.

Sample screen shot from the proposed website design
Sample screen shot from the proposed website design

The Aquatic Biosphere, as a community partner and client, worked closely with this team to lay out the challenges and targets for what a new website might look like. What came out was the rock solid foundations for not just a website but a digital home.

This talented team built the cornerstones and mapped out the content and design for a space that we are excited to see completed and launched. A multi-term project, this first phase will be handed over to the next team in the fall to continue its development.

Team Aquidian Group Photo
Team Aquidian Group Photo

The Aquatic Biosphere Society is proud to be a part of this program, supporting students with real world projects, and making them a part of this important development. Education as a key part of the Society's mission ties not just to educational programming delivery but also in presenting opportunities and widening doors for engagement within nature-focused endeavours. IT and digital media have a big role to play in this space.

Credits to the team:

Leo Atienza - Developer Thu Le - IT Business Analyst

Beckham Crann - Developer Brian Mendoza - Technical Lead

Tyler Hum - Developer Jimifirst Hernandez - UI/UX Designer

Marko Latinovic - Developer Mathieu Swaby - UI/UK Designer

Louisa Luo - Developer

Stephen Toliver - Developer

Trustin Tran - Developer

Images from the Capstone's final project presentation:

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